Hackathon DAO is a decentralized community to support global hackathons on meaningful technical problems and innovations.

To financially and operationally support and liberate global hackers and hackathon organizers (especially open-source repo maintainers) and focus on truly valuable technical problems and improvements, we

  • Hold seasonal grants to fund meaningful hackathons.
  • Maintain a hackathon playbook to share (almost) everything about hackathons.
  • Organize an online community of top hackers and hackathon organizers to actively discuss the (most) valuable tech problems and innovations.

If you want learn more about us, please visit / join / follow us on:
πŸ”— Website | πŸ”— Discord | πŸ”— Twitter | πŸ”— Telegram

Our Vision


Hackathon has undoubtedly proven its capability of boosting innovation and cooperation. Through funding Hackathons, we want to gather a group of enthusiastic hackers with great technical skills and vision and further boost the open-source community and innovations, where

  • Hackers themselves can propose and decide what are the real problems to solve.
  • Hackers can connect with and inspire each other.
  • Valuable contributions will be supported financially and operationally.

Please do join us if you if you also enjoy the excitement of Hackathon and believe in its capability of boosting creativity and communication.Hackathon DAO will make our best effort to decentralize and amplify that!!!

A community can’t be driven without a shared common vision.

How to Join

βž”Apply for Our Seasonal Hackathon Grant


First of all, Hackathon DAO’s grant is for Hackathon, and it’s open for everyone to apply.

Our grant will happen on a quarterly basis and each grant program will last for 3 months. An agenda will be published ahead of the beginning of each season and simplified steps are: application βž” community voting βž” hacking βž” grant release βž” reviewing.

Each season, Hackathon DAO will hold a grant for each focus area with an independent funding pool. After the application deadline, our voting token holders will decide which proposals to support using anonymous quadratic voting.

πŸ“’Hackathon DAO grant-1 2022 is openning now!!!

βž”Refer Hackathons to Us and Get πŸ’°300 USDT Bonus

Hackathon DAO is actively looking for repos and developers that would like to make technical improvements and solve meaningful problems, and we are more than ready to help!!! You can get πŸ’°300 USDTπŸ’° as refer bonus if you referee successfully get >=1 vote(s) in our seasonal grant vote.

πŸ“’Hackathon DAO grant-1 2022 is openning now!!! Before 2022-02-21, if you know any community or person that might fit our grant this season, please take 3 mins to fill in πŸ‘‰this referral formπŸ‘ˆ to complete a referral. You can get πŸ’°300 USDTπŸ’° as refer bonus if you referee

  • successfully submits a BUIDL to this grant
  • gets >=1 vote(s) in our seasonal grant vote
  • passes the grace period

After filling the form, join our Discord, send β€œReferral + your name + the project you refer” in #🌍grant-ss21 and our DAO staff will follow up with you.

βž”Contribute to Hackathon Playbook and Get πŸ’°50 USDT Bonus

We believe most of the information is already on the Internet, yet needed to be surfaced and organized to become the real knowledge. Leveraging the power of DAO, we want to create a knowledge repo and catalog on Web3.0, cryptography and quantum computing, and help more developers onboard these areas. (Content in English or Chinese preferred.)

The content we are looking for are:

  • Introduction on basic concept and mechanism
  • Introduction on popular infrastructure and projects
  • Developing tools
  • Guide on commonly used coding languages
  • Hands-on projects instructions
  • Recommended reading list
  • Recommended online cources

If you have anything to share, please submit a PR to πŸ‘‰this repoπŸ‘ˆ and our staff will help to review. Once you PR is merged, you will get πŸ’°50 USDTπŸ’° as bonus. Looking foward for your contribution!

βž”Become Our Staff

This is one of the most important roles for us and you will have the opportunity to shape the vision and mechanism of our DAO at a very early stage. Currently we have four open tracks and we are actively looking for people that would like to build Hackathon DAO with us.

  • Hackathon Playbook
    • Architecture
      • Improve website performance, capability.
      • Design website structure and/or styling.
      • Responsible for code deploy and bug(s).
    • Coordinator
      • Find proper contributors and assist their posting.
      • Collect and update global hackathon info.
      • Review regular Hackathon Playbook PRs except for those on Knowledge repo.
      • Promote Hackathon Playbook to attact more visitors.
  • Study Room
    • Topic owner
      • Actively maintain the discussion on certain focus area on Discord / Telegram / Wechat.
      • Set up the architect of certain knowledge repo on Hackathon Playbook.
      • Review PR submited to the certain knowledge repo on Hackathon Playbook.
    • Event manager (50 USD per event)
      • Organize events like tech talk, workshop, sharing session and have more than 3 thumb up from community.
      • Generate proper follow up content like video or tech blog and publish on Hackathon Playbook.
    • Content steward (50 USD per post)
      • Assist our partners to create high-quality educational content and successfully publish it in a proper format.
      • The final published content or content link should be archived in Hackathon Playbook.
  • Hackathon Grant Group
    • Plan and execute seasonal hackathon grant.
    • Organize Hackathon grant demo and voting.
    • Hackathon tracking, review and reimbursement.
    • Hold seasonal project faire.
    • Design Hackathon Grant product.
  • Core Maintainer
    • Design DAO mechanism and DAO product.
    • DAO staff recruitting and managing.
    • Grant and bonus release.
    • Oversee seasonal hackathon grant, playbook and community.
    • Key partner development.

Take 3 mins to fill in πŸ‘‰this formπŸ‘ˆ to apply and/or join πŸ‘‰DiscordπŸ‘ˆ for more details.

Roles to Join

βž”Join as a Community

Developer community organizers and repo maintainners would be the core of our community. Except for those already with hackathon managing experiences, we explicitly want to call for open-source repo maintainers as we believe hackathon and Hackathon DAO would be a great way to boost and promote your repos.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Get both financially and operationally support for your community/repo through our seasonal grant program.
  • Communicate with global active community organizers and hackers and demonstrate your projects.
  • Propose and discuss the most valuable tech problem and innovations.
  • Discuss, design and develop tools for better hacking experience.
  • Share your experiences and knowledge about hackathons and become the co-author of our openbook if you want to.

Join our πŸ‘‰DiscordπŸ‘ˆ. Go to the #select-your-role channel, select hackathon organizer and our staff will follow up with you on more details.

βž”Join as a Developer

All hackers are more than welcome to our community and we believe you will learn and benefit a lot from our discussions, hackathons and other activities.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Get probably the most updated schedule of global hackathons.
  • Get both financially and operationally supported by participating in our granted hackathons and bounties.
  • Learn from our tutorials and mentors.
  • Communicate with global ative hackers.
  • Propose and discuss the most valuable tech problem and innovations.
  • Participate in our activities like project demo shows and tech meetups, talks, workshops on edge-cutting and exciting tech topics.

Join our πŸ‘‰DiscordπŸ‘ˆ. Go to the #select-your-role channel, select developer and our staff will follow up with you on more details.

βž”Join as a Partner

Hackathon DAO is not open for funding at the moment. However, if your platform / company / team is looking for something ineteresting in Web 3.0, Cryptography and Quantum Computing. Please do connect with us through our Discord or our Twitter or send an πŸ“§ email to momo@dorahacks.com.